Our lawyers have spent a significant portion of their practices advising business and assisting clients in their commercial transactions.  

We have experience in preparing, negotiating and terminating all types of contracts, leases and other commercial and financial documents.  We have prepared, analyzed and reviewed consulting, independent contractor and employment contracts, patent waiver, non-competition, health care provider, sports, confidentiality and many other types of agreements for a variety of businesses and professions including hospitals, health maintenance organizations, physicians, athletes, members of the local media, scientists and businesses whose employees use proprietary information.  We are experienced in negotiating license and royalty agreements, sports sponsorship, celebrity endorsement, registering trademarks and trade names, and drafting maintenance and service contracts.  We have negotiated and closed many business acquisitions, mergers and reorganizations.  We have formed and advised many professional and business ventures, partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies. Finally, we have experience in challenging and defending purchasing decisions by governmental entities.

Our lawyers are also experienced in consulting with hospitals, physician and other health care providers concerning the business aspects of healthcare, including contractual and regulatory issues.  We have represented hospitals and physicians in employment negotiations and agreements, staff privileges and governance issues.